The only people I consider enemies are people who aren't honest with me and are playing games. Be upfront with me. Did I do something you liked? Did I fuck up? Fuckin' tell me. Then I'll treat you with respect. If not, fuck off and get out of my life.

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    Fuck yeah
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    Straight to the fucking point. Hate assholes who'll talk shit behind your back.
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    Too many people I know tend to play games with that bullshit, and I never know what they really mean. I tend to tell people, if I do something that upsets you or something, FUCKING TELL ME SO I CAN FIX IT. I can't fucking read minds. And if you tell me nothing's wrong, I'm gonna assume that NOTHING'S FUCKING WRONG, CAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU FUCKING SAID. My ex is very guilty of this, which is part of why I don't like talking to her very often

    God, I could go on about this one.
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    @Floydian you may stay :p
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    @Floydian 😂😂😂
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    I don't get why so few people seem to understand that. It's so simple and would make everything a lot easier...
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    Rule #1: If somebody talks shit about someone to you, chances are, they talk shit behind your back as well.
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