Spent about an hour going through some bullshit paper for uni.

I mean, I like research but I also think we should hang some people for how bullshit and unreadable and full of crap their papers and articles are.

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    Rants I didn't get to post because of the time restriction:

    Some ranters got way too much time on your hand, man! They have to find something better to do than to rant about others posting jokes/memes or even reposting. I mean, I'm not a fan of reposting myself but I don't go batshit on people who do repost :P

    And maybe they should stop projecting other issues in their lives on a community where people are looking for some fun.
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    @NoMad but then what will they post? 😏
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    Pictures of their vaginas 😒
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    @NoMad that I approve.
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    Completely agree. Some papers are a pain to read.

    I don't get it how those people don't understand that they're hurting themselves by doing this shit on purpose. Well written articles seem smarter, more professional and are more successful.
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    Worst is, when they have code examples and the code is even more unreadable than the paper.

    Once I had to read a paper about a special algorithm which was quite hard to understand. I was happy when I saw the repository with an implementation by the author, until I saw the code...
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    Agreed. And a good chunk of the scientific community seems to think that writing horrible, impenetrable English is the way to write papers.

    It's worse in places like India, had a prof who literally told me that my language wasn't "complex and impressive" enough. Wtf.
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