Looking for a job, found a job application,

read it thoroughly, do some research,

clicked apply, huh? I need to write note to apply?

writing cover letter-like note while continue to research,

tried their app and their current app is rather buggy,

ends up cutting my experience part short to explain the bugs on the note instead,


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    If that company is big enough to have own HR department and HR people, they will not understand your note.

    If they appreciate your application, it will be a miracle.
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    @cursee well, it's a small startup and this one's kinda a hail mary for me (I'm not expecting too much of it)

    The job hunting thing started a while back, somewhere prior to the end of last year, and during that time two of my friends applied to this company, one of them doesn't get any response, and the other one's no different (I forgot either no response or he got a rejection letter),

    End of year passed, and new year came around, I continued where I left off, and there it was, the company's still hiring,

    So I decided to try and apply, the rest was as explained above, I guess it will be amusing if they actually responds to my application,
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    I have an academic curiosity,
    was it UI bugs in the functionality or did they have to do with the performance?
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    @Hubot-0x58 I'm using iPhone7, and in general it's a picture sharing app,

    first one I found was it started lagging after a while, then the buttons to switch menu were unresponsive, and my phone started getting hot,

    I closed the application and reopened it, the initial page is a camera view, and the image is frozen, I had to snap a pic then cancel it or interact with other menu then come back to the camera for it to work properly,

    I snapped a pic and proceed to the next process, which was to share, I didn't share it, and it's saved correctly,

    Then I tried to snap a pic and cancel, a popup is showing asking whether I want to "keep the photo" or discard, I pressed keep the photo, a couple of times, no response, I pressed discard, it went back to the initial screen, the photo was not saved

    I reopened the app, the camera's still freezing, I tried snapping the picture, saved it, and it took a screenshot of the frozen screen,

    There's also some minor UI issue like misalignment of elements,

    *sorry for the long explanation
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    @ichijou That's a lot of high priority bugs they missed. I hope they give you a chance to fix it, best of luck and thanks for the detailed response.
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    I once had to do an online test for tesco. Their online test was full of bugs and I found the failing http requests, the logic that made it fail, the logs for what areas of javascript were failing and why. I had to do the test 3 times to get passed the bugs after they fixes the ones I sent them.

    I actually had a guy in the same job I was applying for helping me fill out the test.

    Failed the test by 2 marks. Disqualified.
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    @Hubot-0x58 thanks, and you're welcome

    @beegC0de CAUSE

    @craig939393 a friend of mine did an online test (on hackerrank) for my current company, and when the timer's almost run out he said the website crashed,

    I thought that sounds cliche, but then he sent me a screenshot of hackerrank actually crashing, it only showed white screen with crash report on it, I told him to report the issue to HR,

    They gave him another chance, and the questions are the same, I don't know whether he did better or not, but he landed the job
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