Welcome to January. The month where you get butt-fucked by recruiters constantly.

It is the month where most people look to move companies though πŸ™„πŸ™„

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    There's something to it. I'm one of the people trying to find a new job :D
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    @Agred Good luck!! ☺️
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    @DanCanetti Thanks. But it seems I am part of the problem xD
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    @Agred It’s going to happen either way. I think my main gripe is when they’re A) Too pushy - if I don’t want to commute for over an hour you won’t convince me it’s a good idea B) Send job roles through that are literally no use to me - I haven’t and have never said I know, or have an interest in learning, C# or .NET πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @DanCanetti Yeah, it happens a lot. I just received and dismissed an offer for Senior Java Dev, when I'm barely a Junior, and have more exp in C#.
    I guess they don't really even read through profiles/CVs. If you have ANY development exp, then you are qualifying.
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    @Agred Exactly - I often think that they don’t even know the difference between languages.

    I did once get an offer to interview (without ever applying) for a role lecturing about InDesign at a Uni 3 hours from me.

    I don’t think that one could even read.
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    Sometimes I wonder if they actually read the resumes / linkedin profiles before they contact you.... Too many conversations end with, "Are you sure this is the right role for me?"
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    Was a VB.net developer that was hired in a c# shop. Manager said, " you will be fine". After a few scary months, he was correct.

    I find recruiters hitting hardest and the end of the year for some reason. Right around bonus time. Now that you mention it, I have had a 0 recruiter 2019. Maybe I have finally become unmarketable?
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