TLDR: I hate SOAP so much I threw a Hamsterball against the wall.
I had to make a call to an API endpoint with SOAP today. I had the correct credentials. And the fucker refuses to let me in, claiming "invalid credentials". I even recreated the request via postman to make sure I didn't have faulty code. But nope, same story.
I even contacted their support team, which gave me an initial reply within 3mins that tells me to check the credentials and sends me a link to the error code explanation (really? thanks, I did read that.) and then closed the ticket. I answer: "well nice, but I checked that. The credentials are correct"
Them: "One of my colleagues will look into it and will respond to you within a couple of days." 😑
This blocks my story. Fuckin' awesome.
And this, kids, is the story of how I threw a Hamsterball against the wall.

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