IDK how you did it AMD but ffs WOW. Testing the -next kernel and like WOW the banding issues i had are still there but thats fucking display issue (Who the fuck uses 6bit display in 2018?) But its much much better now. I mean to the point where i can watch terminal background without seeing different pixels that are different. AMAZING
EDIT: Its possible they changed the algo a bit. But still fucking good job because this way it looks much much better.

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    And videos were smooth. But this is another fucking level of 60hz smoothnes. I mean windows cant do that smooth video even. IDK how but i will surely look at commits very soon. But Ethernet isnt working due to a bug.
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    So...they managed to do stuff that has been working on Intel Linux systems and Intel/AMD Windows systems for ages?

    My personal take on the latest kernel I got (stable): eh, still has bugs, still inferior to Windows, Raven Ridge compute is crap.

    (In terms of AMD specific stuff). They're doing decently but still have a looong way to go.
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    Can't figure out if you're happy about it or not
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    @jespersh Happy as fuck
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    @RememberMe Actually this wasnt working on Intel in years too. Intel has a lot of its own issues that i wont get into here. But one of the most notable one is C6 state locking the machine completely. Cursor was always laggy for me on GNOME on intel.

    This fix is most likely freesync or fast cursor that was merged into linux-next
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    @Haxk20 depends on when you tried running gnome on Intel, used it till a few months ago and it worked just fine (I think, anyway). Or maybe I just accepted the lag because gnome is heavy as fuck anyway lol

    Also, yeah, you're right, Intel had (has) quite a few bugs too. But in their defense they usually get fixed faster because they have more customers and resources.

    I stand by my statement about Windows though. Still the best OOTB experience (smooth af on good hardware). That's become more valuable now that I've started going semi-professional with Blender, I just can't trust Linux + Raven Ridge to be stable enough for deadlines. Oh well, hope it gets better in the future.

    Also, you should maybe look into running custom Linux kernels on embedded devices, it's a ton of fun and you learn a *lot*.
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    @RememberMe Yes indeed Raven Ridge sucks so much on Stable kernel 4.20 that its unusable pretty much but man 5.1 is going to be one hell of fucking AMD release.

    Funny thing that 5.0rc2 still has a bug i reported in memcpy but 5.1 doesnt anymore so yeah BLEEDOUT EDGE kernel is more stable then RC builds
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