How to reduce time spent on "social" networks? I think I am a little addicted with them. I almost don't post anything but I almost constantly scrolling through posts or checking every hour if there is something "new". I hate this but I don't know how to stop it.
P.S. If you don't have something useful to say, rather don't say anything and don't try to be a "smart ass".

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    Step 1: Develop self control.
    Step 2: Done

    Does your device have Android pie?
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    @Stuxnet It's easy to say and harder to do. :-D And no, I am still at 8.0.
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    @oseba Ok was gonna say pie has the whole "digital well being" shit. Idk how helpful it'd be though.

    Maybe try to find something similar to that?
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    @Stuxnet I will try to find some alternatives. Thanks.
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    Step 1) change password to something stupidly long
    Step 2) add 2FA to accounts
    Step 3) delete password from browser/manager
    Step 4) delete 2FA keys
    Step 5) Logout of all devices
    Step 6) welcome to the dark side.

    - this worked for me, was only way to really get me off them, if you can’t access the accounts, you have no reason to go back.
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    Delete your social media accounts, thats what worked for me at least
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    I would delete it. But we have a group of classmates there, group of one organization I am in and so on...
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    @Codex404 did the same, it was the week after that I realized how addicted I actually was. I really started to feel bored whenever I had to wait and was not able to check Facebook. After that I never missed it again.
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    I deleted all social media apps from my phone. I still "need" Facebook for a few groups and pages but I can use a laptop once or twice a week for that. The result is a lot less wasted time on the phone, constantly scrolling through things I'm not even interested in...
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    @helper You've got a point.
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    That search for something new is just your brain in need of dopamine.
    I would suggest you to find out any other activity that rewards you somehow. Also, set a time limit to explore social network, like 30min twice per day or anything like that.
    There is no easy solution, like any vicious, it will cause some discomfort to abandon that habit.
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    you may read this guide?
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    Just delete your Facebook. I pulled the trigger in September and guess what, life went on. In fact, whenever I see someone being on Facebook now I’m like “oh yeah, I forgot that was a thing”.
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    By social media u mean FB or devRant too?

    I dunno how old you are but if you're always in social media either turn off notifications or get a life/have better things to do.

    I use FB Lite (not the official one) because I don't want notifications (some are like hey you haven't talked to ... Send a message) or FB constantly running.

    And I only check social media because I'm bored and have nothing else to do it just need a break.

    It ranks lower than playing mobile games...

    And actually I just checked my needed today... Got some posts from old college mates with pictures of really nice food, you know the kind Rich people eat at fancy restaurants... That's just depressing, probably going to mute her.
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    @irene well there’s that, but some people don’t tend to do that.

    Plus I had a fb dev account for example which prevented me from deleting that.
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    @nanl speaks the truth
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    @Root, I agree. @nani's advice is the best I could get.
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