We have 'informatica' (translates to 'computer science') on school. Tuesday we received an assignment to create a 'web-app' with JQuery mobile to show all of the US presidents.

Nearly nobody in my class has experience with PHP, so this is gonna be fun for them. All they have to learn from is a website from 2013, they are tought to just throw variables inside the query's.. Yay for SQL injection! 🎉

It actually contains a lot of out of date information, for example it says that jsp is competition for PHP, and that 'most sites with PHP have a PHP Powered logo'

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    To be honest programming courses in high school are, in my opinion, not meant for learning programming, but for learning to think differently and to see if its something you are interested in.
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    PHP Powered logo - oh that was a life time ago

    https://php.net/images/logos/... for original oldy
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