I just realized. Im running outdated firmware on my 3D printer.
I mean like 2 months old firmware. Lets fix that.

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    I knew this was you before I even open it
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    @xzvf This is haxk20 from parallel universe where Haxk20 runs outdated software. LOL.

    But its already up to date. Also connected an Rpi to it and it updates the firmware every day automatically so i dont have to worry about it anymore. One issue is that it still tries to update it even when printer is running. I have to fix that somehow.
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    @devTea Im that popular with my bleedout shit already ? Oh crap wow
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    @xzvf It updated itself.
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    @xzvf Actually building its OWN kernel every week to not stress it too much and updates every day.
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    Did you ever change something in marlin btw? My second printer will arrive between now and three months and there is a known issue where it can only read files from the root folder of the SD card
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    I still run marlin 1.8 because i cant be assed to carry it to usb length from my pc
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    @Codex404 No i just edited the config.
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    @ganjaman Oh NOOOOOOOOO. Update NOW
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    @Haxk20 I imagine your todo-list every day is “check for new kernel and firmware”
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    @devTea Actually no. Not that crazy actually. I check on kernel on daily basis without even thinking about it.

    Its actually quiet normal for me now. I check for it even when im in class. Im actually thinking of creating GTK app that just checks kernel git for new commits and pushes notification to GNOME.

    But im lazy and have lot of school stuff to do.
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    Why would you update a printer's firmware if it works fine already? It's not like it needs security patches or anything. That's just asking for headaches.
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