Hi, im sandy.
i was a young junior web developer 1 year ago until 8th August 2016. I have a background in programming but at the same time i have a dreams become professional music producer in the future.

Right now, its finally my first year i entered college that late about 1 year waiting since the time i graduated from vocational high school. The major that i choose at the college weren't the same background as i chose at vocational high school which is SE (Software Engineering) but instead i choose Japanese Literature as a major (due hobby) which is out of beyond my tracks.

Sometimes i feeling bad because i was choosing the wrong major subject and get depressed about it and then thinking that i want to drop the college after 2 semester and get back to work as a developer in some IT office again. Or even following my dream to become music producer instead.

and now the question. Should i follow that egoistic mind of me? or should i keep on tracks and finish my study?..

if you will, please guys share some of your story so i can make it as a motivation someday.

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    welcome to devrant.

    and one word advice: focus.
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    @rookiemaverick thanks. 😊. this cheer me up a bit. hehe
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    Study what you love and keep up your other interests in your spare time. I studied English Language and Literature and a Master in Game Studies, but as I kept up with programming as a hobby and managed to incorporate it with some of my subjects I did manage to end up as a dev with a job I love. :)
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    Just do it
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    Hey Sandy, I personally know someone who studied history, then worked in IT for a while and is now a finance officer. don't let whatever major stop you from where you want to be
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    @ahmedam ahhh thanks a lot ahmed. I was a little bit afraid if i can't keep up to finish my major which is off the tracks from my background. And thinking about like that always makes me depressed everytime lol.
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    hey sandy, I am from an african country where there are no specific computer scientist school or studies at university, I studied chemistry and physic when I attended university some years ago after 2 years I drop out cause I found an internship as a junior developer, I was already coding since highschool and also working on snippet projects for customer, when it. came to me to jump on. job I've done that. and now 5 years have passed I am a kind of senior in web development . My dream is to attend a foreign university where I can study from the beginning computer science and graduate on it. My advice : life is what you want to make it be, be a dreamer and make it happen.
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    @rajilsaj very inspiring Mr. Rajil.. i'll take a note on your story
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