My boss hit me up over slack at 10:30 pm saying “Do you remember the core values of this company. Transparency....respect....integrity....and what was that last one”. Scared the living hell out of me as I couldn’t remember that last one and whatever it was I had obviously lacked. I responded honesty perhaps (wrong that really fits in with transparency). I then said “do you wanna talk”. He responds with “no”. I talk a lot of crap about management when I’m angry about things and so I was sure some steam I blew off must have made it around to him or something. But then he responds with. “Unless you want to 🙂? I honestly can’t remember the the last 2, we don’t have them documented anywhere lol”. That was my reminder not to talk crap out loud cause next time I don’t want that to be a real concern. For all I know it might have been and he was just too nice a guy to really take me down over it. Or maybe he’s enjoying getting in my head 😂

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    That is some next level intimidation tactics. What is wrong with him, he doesnt have his own life that hes texting you at 10.30pm? I understand that his work might be his life, but for you it isnt. As far as hes concerned you dont exist after work hours. If he would be a man enough he would talk with you privately instead of intimidating via slack messages during night. What a fkin pussy. Next time dont respond to his text. Next day in the office confront him abou what that message means and you will see that pussy will just brush it off. Fcking dramma queen
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    Yes, as long as it is not work related ir urgent, don’t reply. My boss slacks me always on sunday evenings because he gets sometime to do some work i guess. I never reply unless it is something related to our production release. I follow up on his messages the next day. In that way, you are indirectly telling him that you will respond to work related messages only on weekdays lol. If he is messaging you at 10:30pm about something not related to work, then the only thing I can guess is that you somehow pissed him off doing something at work and that has been on his mind even at 10:30pm lol.
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    The 2nd core value is respect, but the boss messages you at 10.30pm? I guess the boss doesn't feel the core values apply to him.
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    In my bosses defense, he is a very nice guy and pours alot into making sure his team has access to all teh resources needed. Anything we want to pick up he's usually got our backs. But he is very unpredictable as shown. Hes a workaholic, he'll admit 5 hours sleep a night is more then he's use to but sometimes he has to get that we're not all on that same boat. If they want to pur 6 figures into my account then we can talk letting my job take over my nights occasionally but I dont have the work demands nor the pay grade to make me give up family time/personal time after work hours
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    @Robinha core values are a joke. Im definitely reiterating another rant here but anytime a company has to press core values and this sense of "family", beware
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    @appmaker they only do that so everyone else knows when they are working. It's not about results
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