Man, some of the cancerous company names I see on here.

“Nshitia”, “Microshaft”, etc. How old are you? 4? You weaken everything you say when you use these pathetic pet names for companies you dislike.

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    jschmouldy let them have their fun in their life 😉
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    I am, lol. Still reaaaal cringey
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    Yeah the OSSholes are quite annoying and have always been doing a better job against desktop Linux than MS' marketing could ever have dreamt of.
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    Swear to god.

    Imagine taking software so seriously you say stupid shit like that lol

    Get a hobby that involves going outside or something 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    It's almost as annoying as when people call something "cancerous" because they don't like it.
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    Says the persom using cancer to strengthen his stuff. It's a fucking horrible disease you fuckwhit.
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    You're right. I'm all for they rename themselves to strong names like Macrohulk and Nthoria 💪
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    M$ you meant?
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    Can’t say that one’s ever made me recoil with disgust
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