Have you ever heard of microSD card eating phone? I have one.

My brothers old phone (Lenovo Vibe K5) is doing something wierd. It absolutely eats microSD cards. One day, he came near me and told me that he can't copy music to his card. I examined situation and realized that microSD card is read-only somehow. After spending hours, I didn't manage to fix it. I can't even format the card from my pc (tried windows 'format disk', chkdsk, some third party formatters). I can read and delete files from pc but when I unplug it and plug in again, that fucking card restores every single file magically. I gave up and bought another sdcard and factory reseted phone. Guess what happend? Same scenario happend after 1 week. I feel like I'm out of options. I don't care about data loss cuz I can read everything. I just want to make that card usable again. Any suggestions?

P.s: this post is not actually intended to be a question. But hey, why not?

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    I don"t think you can. You can send it to the manufacturer and they will unlock it but yeah.
    I have the same with Etcher (software). It bricked multiple SD cards. Never had issues with Win32. I wouldn't plug a SD card in the phone if it breaks it. Use an external USB or so.
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