Board games. I have a closet's worth of them. I loooooove Arkham Horror/Eldritch Horror.

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    I love board games. I hate Horror games. 😛 Those are solitaires which are branded as cooperative adventures.
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    I love board games. I already infected my kids with Talisman and Munchkin.
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    I love adventure coop games, just need to find the right playgroup and some beers ready. :D
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    I played both, really enjoyed them. Since I didn't play many board games, I could easily clasdify them as my favourites.
    I like coop board games, less tension than competitive ones.
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    @monzrmango I just prefer competitive games. It's more fun when there's real competition rather than synthetic one.
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    Have you played the new Arkham Horror?
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    Not yet, I'm aware FFG released a 2.0 version, but me and my buddies played so much Eldritch Horror and Mansions of Madness last year that we're maybe feeling a little fatigued of the setting. I'm looking forward to that new Lord of the Rings game though, seems like it runs on the same vein as Gloomhaven, with hopefully much less upkeep.
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    Curious if you read any of Lovecraft?
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    @monzrmango right, I haven't played Eldritch Horror in a year and Mansions of Madness only twice last year but I couldn't enjoy the new AH as much as I wanted to, although the streamlined game mechanics and the modular board are really nice.

    The LotR game could be fun but as a big Tolkien fan I'm a bit afraid it won't be as good as I want it to be 😅
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