Here I go again, bitching about my job.
Might help though, I'm in a bleak and dark pit right now. Metaphorically, not actually.

I've had good times and bad times as a dev, same as anyone else doing pretty much anything else. Lately, it seems like there's a lot more bad than good though. I'm getting tired of the constant stupidity, bad communication, and frustration that comes with the territory, and I've been thinking of getting out of development altogether. Unfortunately it might be the only marketable skill I have. It could also be that I'm just a totally abrasive dickhead, and I'll inevitably be unhappy doing anything, but I can't be sure. Gotta account for the common denominator.

What I can be sure of is that in the last four months, my development team has gone from three people to just me, and very few people are applying to my company (we have a 1.8 rating on indeed last I checked, with some very illuminating reviews). Those that are applying end up rejecting whatever low ball offer the company makes them. We've gone through at least a couple of people in interviews so far.

Meanwhile, I'm the bottleneck through which every single piece of actual work passes, while the five non technical, non dev yes-man leeches in the dept sit on their asses and throw impossible timelines at me. That includes my boss. He doesn't back me up on anything. Ever. Still, I don't half ass anything. Intentionally. The work that I do is mostly quality.

The worst part is that it wasn't always like this. I absolutely loved this job when the workload was distributed, and I had friends to work with. I didn't even know about the bad reputation we seem to have, but I seem to have a gift for finding places like this. Tomorrow morning, I have a meeting about why my work has been slowing down. No idea if I'll be fired or not, but whatever. All projects will be at an indeterminate standstill if they cut me loose, so maybe that's "security"?

Anyone else been in and survived a situation like this? Did you stick it out or roll the dice on another job?

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    Doesn't seem like a reason to change careers but a reason to change employer...

    Everybody left and you are the only one left... Why might that be? You have stated some causes: impossible timelines, heavy workload, no appreciation from management, no team...

    Just do some interviews and find a challenge that makes the joy come back!!!

    The persuit for happiness is a noble one... Go for it!
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    Dang bro. I haven’t experienced this but I hope that meeting tomorrow goes well and not lose your job. If you really want out, you should start applying to other companies.
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    🍦// it's a personalised pin if you wonder

    I hope it turns out ok for you tomorrow..
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    Exactly my situation right now. And a crunch meeting tomorrow. I hope all goes on well.
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    @sladuled great idea, I love ice cream

    Not getting fired, 'cause again, I am the only moving part in the machine. They just want me to start cutting corners and turn shit out as quickly as possible. I'm sure that'll work out great.
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