I finally installed Linux successfully! I installed Deepin and I'm so proud of myself after all the failures!

I also got my way into hackthebox, which just made my day!

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    Why would you want linux?
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    @DrDonkey because of the added functionality and some dev tools being Linux-exclusive. I do have windows alongside for .net
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    @austudo What tools are linux exclusive? Give me insights.
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    @DrDonkey well if I'm getting into pentesting there are tools like wifite. That's the first thing that gets of my mind, also Linux's terminal gives you more control over your computer

    This thread here has more stuff
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    @austudo nice to hear about it.
    People install linux just want to look cool.
    They don't even understand what they are getting into.

    If you focus pentesting primarily then look at blackarch or kali. The former is arch based and latter is debian based.

    If you install say linux mint and try to set up pentest enviroment; its certainly possible but dependencies could break and so on. And also that is not productive. A lot of time waste.

    And terminals are best thing ever. I do most of the work in terminal. From youtube to file managing. But you need to use browser sometimes.

    As your thread comment says gaming is not Linux's first priority. Keep that in mind.

    Sorry for balbbing so much.
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    @DrDonkey well look. Knowing how to use Linux is very important in a developers way. Most servers run on Linux, for example. I installed Linux to learn how it works and what is where, not because I want to look cool. Also, there are countless Linux distros that offer a gui and a browser. That's my opinion
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    @austudo I was not addressing you by saying that, I am sorry if you thought that.
    Good luck to your new experience.
    If you stuck on something you can't figure out, ask respective community.
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    @DrDonkey more reasons for using linux over windows are that linux is upgrading when you want it, is not sending telemetry to big companies (depending on the distro i presume) and from personal experience does not bloat up that heavily.
    Also you get the possibility to customize pretty much anything you want...
    Even using arch on all my computers I have far less issues with it than with windows even if I'm only booting into it rarely
    Yes there are steep learning curves here and there but I think it is worth considering it if you aren't limited to windows by certain applications
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