“Open Source Software is bad because anybody can modify your code and insert viruses. I’d rather trust a billion dollar company with professionals than a community of people who potentially have no idea what they’re doing. And you can’t make money with OSS, so it will certainly die out soon”

I think it’s time to drop some multiple kiloton truth bombs on this dude. I’ll keep you updated.

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    I'd rather drop a piano on his head.
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    @metamourge that might work as well, depending on how retarded that person will turn out to be.
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    Yep, yet another brainwashed idiot.. as if those billion dollar companies are immune to bugs and bad code themselves. Moreover, the proprietary nature allows them to shove it under the rug.
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    @Condor just send him that post about the oracle database clusterfuck...
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    whois "this fucker"
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    say to him: "dont be so loud, Google, Netflix and Microsoft could hear you."
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    "I'd rather trust a billion dollar company with professionals who potentially have no idea what they're doing."
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    Just tell him that Chrome security parts are open sourced and see his face expression changing.
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    I B M
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    @NotFound I will confront him, don’t worry
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    Ask that person what they think about democracy. And Wikipedia.
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    @NotFound Or that all the billion dollar companies invest in open source (even if they never wanted to)
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    "And you can’t make money with OSS, so it will certainly die out soon"

    Some people just don't get that we do not consist of hobbyists and beginners only. A lot of the people in the FOSS community are professionals, who are passionate enough to sacrifice some of their spare time to create great things.

    And that guy should be told one important fact: The biggest provider of FOSS today is: (*tadaaa*) Microsoft!

    However, he has a point about the money. There could be done a lot more if people were willing to support FOSS developers via LiberaPay and/or Patreon more, so the professionals among us, who have only very limited spare time, could possibly go for part-time, freeing up more for FOSS. (Okay, that's my dream, though...)
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    @Yamakuzure not to mention that a software can be both OSS and paid (for example with enterprise licenses!)
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    @RantSomeWhere Exactly. Qt would be another example.
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    "Open Source Software is bad because anybody can modify your code and insert viruses."

    I bet they haven't heard of git, version control, code reviews or pull requests

    to be fair, there was the Gentoo github hack; but that was because of some admin's stupidity, not really "anybody can modify your code and insert viruses"

    And I'd like to see their faces when you tell them about Chromium, VLC Media Player and other OSS that they probably are using on their proprietary Windows machine.
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    @shine I am so eager to tell him that 90% of all web servers literally run an open source operating system.
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    @Yamakuzure Also, people at Red Hat and Apache are paid. Fsf pays lots of things. There’s multiple independent full-time FLOSS, like drew devault: https://drewdevault.com/2019/01/...
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    @Parzi Well, it's IBM now. 😉
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    @Yamakuzure Is it?

    (Does that mean Fedora is also IBM now?)
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    I’m by no means an OSS evangelist, but the craziest bugs almost always happen in proprietary software. Turns out the more eyes you have on the code the more likely a bug will be noticed.
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    @620hun Amen!
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    Wat? What proud OSS author would accept a pull request containing a virus?
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    @iamavalos JavaScript... Well... Haha? 😌
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    @iamavalos not a virus
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    @iamavalos this isn't the first time the malware comes from the author. Did someone say Sony rootkit?
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    Like for real, you amateur bro!
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