Sometimes I find it difficult not to be sad, angry or upset through the day for no reason. Though, I’m not depressed and I’m pretty happy with everything. I struggle to pull myself out of the deep end some days.

I try to focus on all the good things around me, but I still tend to be really pessimistic by default - and for the life of me I can’t pinpoint why?

Does anyone have similar experiences? Or is something wrong with me? Lol

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    To elaborate more - I tend to see the worst in people most prominently. I try hard to look past it, but it’s constant. I want to look at this world as a bright and shiny place full of wonder and happiness - with amazing people, then it converts to focusing on the bad.
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    Yes. I find turning off the news and focusing on the positive and beautiful helps.
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    Same. I realise it's not the most productive way of thinking but it's so hard to see the good in people when the bad is glaringly obvious. Or maybe I'm just bitter? 🤔😂
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    If you hang around some one long enough you realize their good sides. And after having criticized that person a lot you start feeling bad because you were so judgemental.

    Also, what we hate the most in others are usually things we do ourselves. People act like mirrors to us.
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    Same here actually. Even tho I'm happy with life and what I have personally, I'm still struggling with the motivation and surroundings. That said, I personally know that my current closes circle of people are.... All depressed/angry/sad all the time, so it kind of affects my day to day too.

    And yes, I've tried changing the circle - it's pretty hard to find people that would be motivated around here.
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    Definitely nothing wrong with you. I think everyone I work with has been through some sort of high-functioning depression phase at some point lol, including myself not too long ago (we cope with humor).

    If you can though, try to take a step back and see what things make you feel better or worse throughout the day. When I'm feeling down, I find it's usually the small but frequent negative interactions that are the cause.
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    @SauceBoss I like to think that being pessimistic is being really realistic :)

    I have a problem with most people(same as you, or maybe worst), because I did not have many interactions over my years, now that my job requires it, i'm trying really hard, and struggling really hard too, but I'll keep on trying.

    @Elyz if you're as bitter as a good Colombian coffee then that's good! If not, try to be bitter :)
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    @JhonDoe maybe the bitterness actually stems from all the coffee I drink 🤔
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    @Elyz "you are what you drink" or so 'they' say. Nao it makes sense
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    @hdev welcome to devRant!
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