Today my Uber driver told me about his life as an engineer. He told me about writing FORTRAN on Punch Cards and how their code always had to work the first time and how they waited overnight for their code to evaluate. The long wait for what’s today know as a build and run would bother me, but man can you imagine your code working the first time without changes 😂

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    Yep. That was a different era. Computer time was very expensive, so you literally couldn't afford for it not to work the first time.
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    @iAmNaN cards and tape were not cheap either.
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    I remember that when I was a kid, I have found several such punch tapes in my father’s stuff from his college time. That was a great toy for me, even though I then had no idea what a computer was 😁
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    @rantalicious yes, keeping track of variables on a piece of paper. I worked with a guy who began his programming career programming on a patch panel. Things have certainly changed.
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    why is he driving uber? Banks and Insurances desperatly searching expirienced engineers who keep their old mainframes running.
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