At work I've been tasked with creating the new company site from scratch. I've taken this to mean I have free reign with all code written for it and thus I have removed nearly every aspect of every framework we've ever used.

I'm basically writing my own to make up for it though. I can't tell if this is actually worth my time or not.

Any one had any experience with this sort of thing? Creating a full design system that is.

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    I do, back in the day when html was the only option.
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    @ravijojila any tips for it? I'm worried in going too hard into it and making it more complicated than it needs to be.
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    @Charon92 I would just use frameworks if there is no other option than writing a massive amount of code to build a feature which a small framework easily can compensate.
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    The thing is I'm not having to write a lot. I'm using proper standards and conventions and in about 800 lines (including comments and spacing) I have a solid CSS framework.

    Unfortunately at work we use Foundation for a lot and I can't just switch it out for a smaller framework as that won't have the JS that's used. But if I can write my own and keep it smaller...
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