Me: Finally, I'm gonna put this weekend to work on something productive,

YT: hold on bruh, have you seen this?

Me: fuck...

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    @irene ooh, I saw the trailer a while back, I didn't play PC much, is it good?
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    @ichijou it was finally released on Wednesday. It is nice.
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    Fuck yeah! I already sank ~80+ hours into MH:W, what an awesome game
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    Without reading the text on thumbnail I thought it was the Night King BBQing a pig with Doby beside.
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    @irene cool, will check later,

    @iKameo I got around 150+, stopped playing just before deviljho update because of spiderman and other games, and fuck yeah, it's the best monster hunter in the series ๐Ÿพ

    @cursee I thought it looked like gollum
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