At what point is coding not coding anymore. When are you not considered a programmer?

Level 0 - Online Website Creation Tool
Level 1 - Programs that generate static HTML from markdown
Level 2 - Bootstrap
Level 3 - Using a JS framework
Level 4 - Using HTML and CSS (from scratch)

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    Is markup code?
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    Just make stuff instead of being worried about whether you're a "real" programmer or not.
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    @jespersh Do you mean markdown?
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    @RememberMe Probably the answer I'm looking for, so long as I can fix printers...
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    @Stark a markup language is usually used to define structure or annotate stuff so that another program can read it and do something with it

    They're generally not true programming languages because of the lack of Turing completeness

    Eg. HTML
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    "level 4: using html and css"
    > programmer

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    I think CSS can be considered programming esp if it involves animations.
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    Level 2

    I think Level 0 is for Lv.1 crooks...
    Lv.100 mafia bosses code their own JS code base.
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    As I see it, if you’re writing anything in a Turing-complete language you’re coding. No CSS is not coding (I don’t care if it’s *technically* Turing complete, you’re never using it in such a fashion). No HTML on its own is not coding. That’s designing.
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    @Stark html is markup
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    When you have a problem and you can solve it with code.
    When you can make UI to do meaningful things.

    Then you are a programmer 🤪

    I don't consider making an UI as programming. There is not enough logic involved. No offence 😂
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    The term developer is more suitable for the mentioned levels.

    And for me mastering js is harder than HTML + CSS
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    ah, yes, the pinnacle of computer science, custom css.
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    Using s markup and a style language is designing, not programming.
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    @Batburger why yes, CSS = Computer Science Specialist.
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    Unless you contribute to 0 and 1

    1 might need some knowledge if you configure and host yourself
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    In strict terms I'm not sure if any of that is considered programming as it would be called coding or scripting. But if any of it counts as programming it would be JavaScript framework
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    Using that scheme I'm comfortable with level 5 or 6…
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    Level 42:

    Writing a typesafe SVG templating inliner in Haskell using lens optic libraries because you think icon webfonts are too heavy.

    Level 69:

    Making bugfix PRs on rust-lang/rust because you discovered an unstable sort and it's messing with your API output.

    Level 9000:

    Write an MVC framework in pure bash, using netcat as a server and git hash-objects as a NoSQL database.

    Level ∞:

    You decide programming is for struggling sad masochists, you retreat into the Patagonian mountains with an Alpaca named Bob to farm quinoa and contemplate life.
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    @bittersweet: This is the equivalent of version number inflation.
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    All of the above? Programmers are people that write code so C#, Javascript, Python, Java, C++ whatever, CSS and HTML are the equivalent of writing documents in Microsoft Office. Maybe CSS counts but still...
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    When I program a computer in minecraft or Factorio and execute sth on it... did I code?
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    Level 9999: Assembler on punch cards.
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