I'm sick of these careless motherfuckers everywhere.
I left laptop in class(in my bag on the table) to get lunch. when I got back, the bag was on the floor. I'm sure some careless fatherless motherfucker dropped it.
guess what, the laptop's broken and is not turning on.
The keyboard backlight, power and battery LEDs, and the fans are working, and I have no idea about the rest.

I really hope it's just something gone loose and nothing broken

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    I really feel sorry for you, bro...
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    Someone feeling angery about stuff on a table. Hope they realized their mistake when it felt a bit laptop heavy
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    This is the best advertisement for a thinkpad ever
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    Sorry, but this is entirely your fault.
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    In the country I live in you don't dare leave your laptop unattended ANYWHERE.When you leave a lecture class to even go to the bathroom,you take that laptop bag with you.
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    You're angry that your laptop was damaged when you deliberately left it unattended? How can you possibly think this is anyone's fault but your own?
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    @zmzmuazzam98 @ganjaman lesson learned.
    @bahua I'm angry that people are so careless when moving stuff around especially when the stuff is not theirs
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    @sudo-rm-rf I’m with you, just to be contrary. not throwing backpacks on the ground is really not hard
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    Plug it into an external monitor and check if it's booting
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