So is Google now filtering illegal free online movie sites?

I couldn't find a single one no matter what I searched for the show that I wanted to watch.

DuckDuckGo had them all!

The Magicians Season 4 Episode 3

Best show ever!

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    Yes, they’ve been doing it for ages.
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    watchseries 👀
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    That is such shit. A search engine by the very definition of it should just index and return results.

    Just switched everything to duckduckgo.

    Last year I had no problems finding sites on Google relevant to watching my shows, seems they stepped up there shittiness. Can't use an unreliable search engine. Duckduckgo it is.
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    @hash-table legal issues vs not blocking content, I think we can tell
    Which one they chose.

    A lot of nations around the world are enforcing illegal sites to be blocked from the internet in general, wether this be ISP enforcement (hello Australia/UK/US... ect) or search engines being forced to delist countless of urls a month.
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    Yes, it all came off the back of the great DMCA and right-to-forget pushes out of the EU and US for DMCA particularly.

    The assessment I believe was that if google merely reported back what it found online then they could argue to just be an aggregator, but as their algorithm biases certain sources, content etc that it constitutes a suggested subset of the information, hence they’re doing something with the content other than relaying it to you.

    It’s not that great at it though, and why use google when you can just search the sites directly?
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    For another bias example: try searching for positive things about Trump on Google. They're there, but the negative ones are *always* first. It's been this way since a few months after the presidential race started. (Google blamed machine learning for it)

    Duckduckgo? They've always been mixed in normally.

    Likewise, Google biases CNN and NYT, often listing their articles first.

    Google absolutely reorders and hides results it doesn't like. Some for legal reasons, some for "personalization," many for political reasons.
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    In germany some of our isp does this if you use your default router settings.
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    @Niss secure data streams can’t be manipulated. ISPs can only block DNS resolution if you’re using their servers
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    Oh yes that's what I had in mind
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