Ouuuu yeah overclocked my laptop display to 62.5hz. Ouuuu yeah i totally see the 2.5Hz more LOL

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    62.5Hz? Is this the "a dev typing really fast" layer of the [XKCD stack](https://xkcd.com/1636/)?
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    @Fabian No. This is real overclock. I wanted to go for 75 but display cant handle it. Now its back at 60 tho.
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    I'm enjoying my 1440p 165hz overclock 😊

    (Not a lappy, though!)
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    Ah, I overread the word "display" and thought you had just missed the "G" in "GHz" for the CPU…
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    @Fabian even then it wouldn't be that layer :')
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    @Root Switching display in few months. 120hz ouuuuu yeahhh
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