Anything you use to manage your time? I do have some problems with managing my time.

I have a full time job an 8 hours office based, then part time homebased, and some project based jobs.

I sometimes have some problems with tracking my time on my part time and the project based jobs.


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    Sounds like you just work to much
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    1. prioritize what you need to do.
    2. Don't take on more work than you have hours to efficiently work on. Better estimate.
    3. Leave some time for fun in your estimate. We're human after all.
    4. Defining work in the morning or inside GitHub issues of what you want to do will keep up your motivation. More defined = more motivation
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    I have a poster board where I write down all of my projects with high level objectives and then a notepad where I write down the very finite next step in each project. I then work down the list in priority order. I'll add new tasks to the list as I finish one. I also use Joplin for all of my notes.
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    You need a Kanban board
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    Yup, any project management: jira or redmine for ex
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    clickup is a kanban with time estimations and a time tracker. Of course if your like me, this is only part of the struggle, remembering to start and stop the timer is also a problem. Hell Im doing good just to log the new task ahead of time, there’s been quite a few tickets that I didn’t think to fill out til after they were completed. That number did seem to shrink with repetitive use though
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    Pomodoro also helps. Or find a job that pays better than your current situation, it sucks to have to commit to 2 places at same time, I've been there :/
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