Well, at least the keycaps look as good as new. I don't have a fitting screwdriver for the screws in the back and my local hardware store does not have one either (curse them!), so I'll need to order one on the internet. While I'm at it, I'm also going to order screws in order to screw mod it.

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    @ScriptCoded @kenogo

    Also, another shot of its condition before the cleaning
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    What kind of screw is it? Most common ones I've seen so far are Phillips (obviously), Torx and tri-wing in some of my power strips. A little precision screwdriver set from our local dollar store provided me with all of these so far 🙂 consider having a look in yours!
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    @Condor the problem is not the screw itself (I dunno what you call them, they have a hexagonal shape with a 5,5mm diameter), but rather the fact that they are embedded in a thin, two centimeter deep tube and my screwdriver is too thick.

    @kenogo will post pics in a couple of weeks when I have time.
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    @RantSomeWhere oh yeah, those are a pain to work with.. hexagonal though, perhaps one of those wrenches that you get with Ikea furniture could work? 🤔
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    Had this problem too with a Model M. I used one of the screws I could take out (the ones on the front are not embedded so deeply) to make a socket from a metal tube and some epoxy.
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    Hey, good work there :) Are those burn marks?
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    Awesome! A pre super-key keyboard
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    @Condor wrench? Nah, the socket is like 2cm in diameter, if my screwdriver won't fit in, a wrench won't as well.
    The only thing that fits are tweezers, but I can't exert enough force with them to unscrew the screws. Guess I'm screwed.

    @ScriptCoded thank you!
    I'm not sure. I could clean the caps quite easily, so I dont believe that these will be a problem.
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    Those keyboards are lovely,haven’t seen one for years now, enjoy it
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    If you want to make the plastik white again there is a method using hidrogen peroxide. I have done it with keys it works good. Search youtube.
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    @gitcherry I know, but the entire case is made out of PBT instead of ABS, so it does not yellow at all. It's just really dirty. But thanks!
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    Nice! It looks good.
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    *Buckling spring intensyfies*
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