I really really need to start looking for a permanent home that I can make an office in.

Working from one screen in bed sucks. (yes, I am still in a hotel room)

Been too lazy on weekends to go look for something more permanent.

Been here over 6 months, because I wasn't sure where I would be right now. But since I have made the decision finally, it is time to look for something more permanent.

My productivity at home is 0%;

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    Speaking from experience, working from home can have all kinds of focus issues because you get a bit too comfortable or too easily distracted. I rent an office from the local university for $300/month because it gives me a place to have just enough focus (and to leave work at work, if I choose to).
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    Totally agree. Especially since my wife and son are with me :) bit crowded.

    Really it is just laziness getting out of this place, but I think next week I am going to be serious about it.
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    I only do projects I am helping others out with from home (although I worked remote for over 3 years previously), I do have an actual day job where I go into office now.
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    @MrJimmy there's a few hotels that let you pay by the week or month called 'extended stays'. They're pretty well cheap in alot of places, i know about 50 miles north of me there's one for $175 a week that has wifi, cable, and nice rooms. I stayed there for a week awhile ago for a contract
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    @M1sf3t yeah my mortgage was the same until i payed it off. But the point i was getting at was that some places give better discounts based on how long you are staying and in some cases by the time you pay all the bills that a house requires it might make more sense to stay in a hotel and toss an extra $100 a month for maid service
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    She won't leave me no matter what I try. :)
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