So anyone else noticed that Turtle is producing movies now? Am I the only one that finds this kinda funny?

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    He’s playing a telecaster model that wasn’t around back in 1974.
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    @uyouthe that particular photo may not have been taken in 74. They were still called death up until 78, briefly changed their name to 4th element when they moved to new england where they had a relative, then the guy in the picture split and went back to detroit to keep doing is own thing while the other two took up reggae careers
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    @M1sf3t this guitar came out much much later, maybe even in 21st century
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    @uyouthe I don't know man the only clue that I see as to what model it is, is the curved writing on the headstock. That would indicate a deluxe which according to this was released as early as '73. They've got plenty of old photos throughout the film so I just don't see where they had the need to add some more. In any case I don't remember at what point that photo appears, but he didn't die until 2000 so you've got quite a few years to pick from.
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    according to this, forgot to attach it 😂
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