I nearly had a breakdown, my razer blade laptop cannot handle headphones plugged in. Like seriously? I definitely haven't broken it. It frustrates me that one of the latest laptops can't handle wired headphones.

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    so fucking glad i avoided maccuck pros, dell, razer, lenovo, asus and went with acer
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    Return faulty device to the store.
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    Yea I'd see about returning it. You can't fault the hardware entirely though, some of those extremely thin devices are engineered specifically for people on the go. Take the the differences in the macbook air and pro. Price-wise not a whole lot between the top tier air and the lower tier pro. When it comes to performance though your talking a pretty big gap.

    At least its big gap when your doing development work, adding a second monitor and attempting to multitask the entire time your using it. If your on the go a lot and only using the thing for word processing though your going to notice the difference in weight before anything else.
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