What irritates me to no end.

"Companies" that try to game the system and have people pay for something that is already free.

I was tasked with implementing a Magento payment solution integrating WeChat Starpay.

Sure no problem, maybe 6 hrs of work.

When I couldn't get access to the api as a developer, when the site doesn't have SSL and wants sensitive banking information, when the contact form doesn't work directly, and they have a contact form on mikecrm.com, my suspicions were raised.

Looking around further, all they are doing is mirroring the chinese api, taking your banking info and submitting to wechat for you.

Ofc, I canceled the project, found the chinese api, and will most likely release an open source version integrating the free chinese api directly.

Companies like this piss me off, so unethical. they want to do the minimum amount of work possible and have people pay for it.

As far as doing work again for friends, that is over.

I may not be the most righteous human being that walked the earth, but I do have unwavering ethics and honesty for the most part.

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    Payment information in cleartext?!
    To a free Chinese API!??!

    If that doesn't scream "bad idea," nothing does.
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    The chinese api is SSL, but the website of this third-party that mirrored the chinese api has a site you are supposed to enter all your banking information to get a merchant account, it is not SSL, (see earlier rant).


    What this third party company did was mirror the api to their own domain, given that the api works exactly the same as the chinese one, I think the domain is just passing the information through.

    They are making people pay for this service. but WeChat Starpay is free (using the chinese api)
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    @hash-table LOL they chinese'd the chinese. Brilliant.
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