These exams will never end 😐☠️👻⚰️

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    On a side note, I have an exam on robotics, and I have not understood shit thus far (of this unit throughout semester, i mean)
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    Ofc they will come to an end. And you'll rock them! *Gives a hug and some chocolate*
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    @CoffeeNcode *accepts chocolate gladly, gives hugs in return*
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    Of you are good and fast you can see the the dumb look on their face, when you want to give back the filled exam.
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    neither I am good, nor fast. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Some tips from my experiences:
    1. If you dont know the answer, go to the next;
    2. If you need more than 1.5 * (points for answer) minutes, go to the next.
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    That is false, infinite exams are literally impossible
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    Study before going to sleep, qnd before the test, eat a snicker chocolate 😉
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