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    NaNi the fuck
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    1) not a rant
    2) the most accurate type for NaN is indeed a number. It's one of the few logical things in JavaScript
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    @irene two expand. The only way to get NaN is by doing number operations on stuff that aren't numbers. Like 1 / "a".
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    @irene you are COMPLETELY missing the entire joke

    ...and you should know by now that I don't use categories.
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    Also it’s the only thing that is not equal to itself.

    This behavior is present in all languages that have a concept of NaN. It’s supposed to behave like that by definition.
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    Oh god you people clearly are not good at receiving jokes lol
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    @jAsE Or maybe you're just the only one here to think playing retarded is funny
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    @inaba you still don't get the joke. It's ok. Don't worry about it then
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    @jAsE Sure dude. Also for reference https://i.imgur.com/XoRA4hh.png
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    @inaba why so much hate for me?
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