Programming and dating are unable to truly coexist.

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    They are if you play your cards right though
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    I guess that's true if both people are programmers
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    @ewpratten I think it heavily depends on one's discipline in separating work/hobby and relationship time.
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    Don't ever date a junior dev. You'll be having way too many tech discussions.
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    It's like an unresolvable merge conflict
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    Coding uses time, the one mayor resource dating needs..

    If only you could do both at the same time !

    "You spend all your time at work, you are neglecting me!"

    "You spend all your time with me, and not at work earning money, you lazy bum!"

    One of the reasons I quite liked it when I had a manual labour job moving heavy boxes around, as you could stop work and not need to spend time on it when with a loved/etc. one.

    But boxes aren't as much fun as programming..

    Even if you figure out that gravity can help you move that box off the top shelf without using a forklift truck every time. :-)
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    You could sau that about anything.
    It is all about time Management, set SMART goals.

    Unless you are ugly, then it is because you are ugly and not due to programming or any other activity of your choice
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    So, wait until girlfriend falls asleep, and then program ?
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    @Nanos time Management.
    You don't have to learn everything in a day, you don't have to finish your personal project in a day, and you most definitely will still have something ti work on at your job every day, and they don't pay you extra hours.

    So, time Management, all you have in life is time, use it wisely.
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