I met almost all the people I kinda dated, including my partners up to now, through projects I worked on or after working on stuff for them.

I also met most of my friends this way. Which is pretty logical because I usually date my friends.

What I do is the base of my social life.

Despite what some people here sometimes say, one does not exclude the other in any way.

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    What @Alice said.
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    That's cool if you work with more people of the other gender with you! I work on a startup 100% male :|

    And to make things harder, I'm one of the founders, and I'm 200% commited to making this work, so I work 24/7 if needed! :P
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    @rui902 Who said I work with people of the opposite gender?
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    @Alice I was talking about my reality, and I won't be guessing a lot just from a few comments!

    What I meant was, you're lucky to be meeting people who you can also be dating on your projects
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    @rui902 Ah, now I understand your comment, sorry. I read it with a wrong "sound" to it, what changed the sense of it.
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    @M1sf3t I've had interns in the past, mixed genders, but I'm not gonna start dating the people I hire just because I love girls ahah I had one super cute tbh, but I avoided even thinking about it, so we're just friends now!

    I don't really want to hire people just because I can, and also we're very small still, so I have to carefully hire everyone based on what the company needs... We only hired two guys because it was based on their efforts and results as interns!

    We actually made an offer to a female intern, but she got another (better) one and we could not top that...
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    @M1sf3t Also, I didn't understand your comment about having the same odds (?!) ahah
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    @M1sf3t Ahah , I never know, just to make things clear :P
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