2.5" to 3.5" drive bay adapters.

How did someone come to design one where the holes don't line up !

I guess that what happens when you buy ones made in your own country and don't buy from China where they are 1/3 the price, but take 3 months to arrive by post, and are a little flimsy..

But at least their bloody holes are in the right place !

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    My cheap orange ones are just fine.
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    Did you try flipping the drive the other way btw ;)
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    @electrineer I wanted the metal ones to help with heat transfer, as its quite hot here, I thought perhaps the plastic ones would more insulate.
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    @Nanos if you think about nas system usually fits multiple hard drives in a small case. And it runs 24/7 without problems. You don’t need fan for hard drives.
    Metal to metal without thermal pad also does nothing for cooling
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    You can just tape it to the case especially if it's an ssd
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    Thanks for the idea of thermal pads, hadn't thought of that !

    My PC's are in a more difficult environment than normal, think small bunker.. as such it can get quite hot here and electronics need extra forced cooling to keep them from overheating.
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    I notice one of the SSD's I got doesn't come with a temperature sensor. :-(

    So I just have to hope its getting enough cooling. (Something to bare in mind the next time I want to buy one..)
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