Every Ryzen 7 CPU needs a discrete graphics card.
Why AMD why?

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    On board VGA is kinda weak these days
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    @devTea I want it for a decent GUI. Nothing else. :(
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    An iGPU will take away space on the die and create additional heat making for worse performance of the CPU. Since it is designed to be a high end consumer product you can expect the customer has a dedicated GPU (they can come kinda cheap).
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    @Natrocx I just don't wanna waste my PCIe slot :(

    Let me explain, I would install a RTX 2070 primarily for deep learning, now at full utilization, I don't want my GUI to lag. Now you may say go for more PCIe slots then, well that's another story but Still AMD should have a variant with built in Radeon VEGA just like Ryzen 5 2400G or 3 2200G
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    @pyaf Yeah... No! The 5 series is an average consumer targeted platform. The G series is a business/office/low-performance targeted systems. Yes, it can play games, yes it has power but not quite as much as a dedicated gpu. Said that - the 7 series is an expert grade cpu by all means, just like intels i7-i9, with an exception that AMD has power management/throttling issues and they chose not to include more heat sources there to avoid possible issues.

    I'd say that it's a pretty normal thing to expect when you are going into the "pro" grade hardware as they are targeted to those, who need power and power never comes from iGPU :)
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    I have an R9 380 (enough to supplement a Ryzen but not up to gaming spec, especially not with only one) and two Radeon HD 5670's in back somewhere that are Crossfire-compliant if need be. Oh, and a half-reliable AMD GPU somewhere in between the two (I don't remember which one it is but it's faster than the two 5670's in tandem, but it doesn't do anything around 50% of the time the machine it's in boots up, leading to multiple cold boots till it comes to life.) This isn't even considering the Radeon HD 6xxx pile in the back of the shop, this is just on-hand. (At the shop we have like 20 Radeon HD 6xxx's alone. In total we have like 100 of the Radeon HD series GPUs.)
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