All Hands needed on this opinion.

Working remote for a pretty cool startup thats growing substantially. Not sure about the position of the place and ive very quickly become almost like another cog in the system that could stop working for a week and probably go unnoticed.This goes for alot of the developers at this company.

Ive been given an offer at a very reputable agency in town making 17% more a year. Big downside of the company is they do alot of wordpress and drupal work. Many of their large clients are on ruby (this is i swear the only ruby shop in this entire city if not 500 mile range.) Ive worked agency work before and god honest i do not want to go back to wordpress and drupal again and as much fun as it would be to learn ruby, I want to become proficient in .NET as my town that i plan on staying in for most of my life is predominately .NET. Either that or javascript/node.js experience would ideal for my career. They did tell me that I would make decisions on what to build future projects in to which i told them PHP's laravel. As far as .NET they do not want to get intwined with anything microsoft. I dont know how far that promise would go though.

The day they offered me the job though, i was told by my recruiter that he has an interview set up for me with Regal cinema 2 weeks from now. It's very large and reputable organization in my town. My responsibilities would have me over php and .net applications and several react front ends. These are the exact technologies i want to work with and the company is one ive wanted to work with for a long time. On top of that, they're offering 5,000 more than the agency job.

So the situation is Im guaranteed one job if i take it now. The job id really like I will not have an interview with for 2 more weeks. Either way I have my current position but I am torn on what to do with these options.

Theres a possibility that the agency job will be very cool and provide me with custom jobs that really better me as a programmer but its unknown to me.

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    From your post I'd say you'd regret for a really long time if you went with the agency job and didn't go to the interview of the position you wish for.
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    Looks like it's already decided. Since you don't want to work with WordPress and drupal anymore, why waist your time? Just keep searching for a more interesting job / company.
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