Found this gem of a code written by my senior:

"SOME TEXT".uppercased()

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    Make it even bigger! Upper the uppercase!
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    It does give some protection if someone was to change the text though. Because, let's be honest, who reads the comment next to that which says it needs to be uppercase????
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    I did somethink like that too.
    "My somewhat long text...".length
    Because I'm too fucking lazy to count its character count
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    @hack I'd consider that just sensible! I always feel I'm going to miscount something on my screen. Besides that should (I assume) get optimised down to a fixed value anyway so doesn't add any overhead (obviously if you're using a compiled language)
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    @hack I did something similar with:
    "*".repeat (20)
    I'm too lazy to write 20 times the same character. And, what if I want to change the length?
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    Ah but is it a capital space?
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