You know you shouldn't..

But what's the worst that could happen. :-)

Drive Booster 6.0 update drivers..
Oh look, it found quite a few out of date ones, and didn't break anything !

DriveMaster something, update drivers.
Oh look, one of my HD's disappeared !
Lucky for me it has a rollback function..
Only that didn't work..
Bugger !
Luckily it wasn't the OS drive, so I searched the web and after a long long search, found an old copy of the driver to install, and my HD came back to life.
Then used DriveBooster to update and all was well.

Uninstalled DriveMaster..

Those other options look tempting, speed things up..

Yes I'm reminded that when I used to fix PC's, a lot of customers would use that kind of thing, and then I'd have to fix the PC afterwards !

But it just takes so long to google all the things you need to do to improve your OS/etc...

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    Ive been using driver booster only for a few comps and havent had any issues thus far :)
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    @ThatPerlDeb kinda had same the situation like yours, but Driver Booster fucked up big time a few weeks ago on my laptop. It fucked up the microphone driver and the network adapter driver.
    Tried to reinstall the original drivers myself. No luck. Now I have problems with my wlan(wifi) and my mic ever since.
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    I've uninstalled Drivebooster now, so I'm not tempted to try it and break things. :-)

    I did update the drivers a few at a time, sometimes even just one, in case it messed things up.
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    never a good idea to use those kinds of programs.
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