OK I have 2 weeks to finish a project (Can't say anything about it. Thanks school) and then present it in another country.
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?????????

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    To teach you fucked up deadlines, what else?
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    @karma Well yeah true that. The work had to be annouced to us 2 months before deadline. Well i learnt it today 2 weeks before deadline. YAY
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    And BT module for Arduino doesnt seem to fucking work
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    Got it working somehow. I just fucking hate code wrote by other people. None of the code from other people worked. Wrote it myself ohhh look at that it works.
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    Also working cross-border is a good asset for your skills... Not sure about the presenting part tho, but hey its school ... One day you'll look back at it and lols
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    @karma Yeah i guess so.
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    Shut up, close devrant and go write it up.
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