What did you learn today?

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    How to add a port forward in a firewall to route IP traffic from nonexistant address A to nonexistant address B.
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    Also downloading F5 vme now to try the beast out
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    That I’m stupid AF
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    How to link my TLD with my Dynamic IP for my Homeserver
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    How to write impact analysis
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    @iKameo what Top Level Domain did you pay for?
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    Jam agent framework.
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    @jespersh *.xyz at Namesilo, or what do you mean?
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    Interfaces in java... not really.
    Our teacher was like "Today, I'm gonna teach y'all interfaces."
    30 minutes in... *paraphrasing* "actually, you know what? I'm gonna give you an interface and you will make it usable. Internet is there for a reason"

    That is what happens at our school with almost every teacher everyday.
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    That there’s a strong likelihood that the chocolate filling in a Ferrero Rocher is actually Nutella.
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    That I should rather keep my mouth shut when I'm tired (I say very stupid stuff then)
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    That I still struggle with speech impediment sometimes and it might be related to sleep deprivation.
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    Better debugging techniques for Selenium IDE.
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    That masturbation isn't enough for anxiety anymore so I went for a walk.
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    Nothing but reminders of misery.
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    What did I learn today?

    I learned that people are idiots, but I already knew that.

    I learned that it's extremely difficult to get people to pay their debts, but I already knew that. (Ex-boss contractually owes me $5k and has been avoiding paying it for two months.)

    I learned that both recruiters and HR lie, but I already knew that.

    I learned there are still companies stuck in the 1920s, boasting three (3) personal days off a year. Ididn't expect that.

    I learned "Solidity" is a language for smart contracts.

    I learned there's a redstone/piston bug in Minecraft 1.13.2 where the redstone pops off when the piston turns off.

    I learned that the screen oh my phone is breaking apart -- as in the screen under the touchscreen and glass layers.

    I learned that the android Tutanota app doesn't always give me notifications on my phone. That's annoying.

    I learned that if you leave people to their own devices, they don't do a freaking thing, even when you've made plans with them and reminded them several times. I learned that people are extremely unreliable, but I already knew that.

    I learned that my 3.4yo can actually build simple things in minecraft entirely by himself. I'm so proud.

    I learned that green chile and avocado go very well together. (Though green chile and mayo is a bit better ~)
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    TIL that arterial pressure over 140 (systolic) is not good and that I must see a medic ASAP. :-(
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    @iamavalos thank you, stress is a possible cause, this year has been chaotic (Damm, it's February!).

    Now I must see a medic, but today I felt weird, that is why I realized, because the weird feeling, the little arm discomfort and a little and constant headache.
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    @Brolls It pretty much is...
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