There are so many JS Frameworks out there that i even completly lost track of what is "trend" and what is basically "old".

Well i guess a bunch of you relate to this, and just because i am not a JS Dev, doesn't mean that i am not open for new stuff :D

The only thing i am not open for is Java.

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    Hello dear sir, madam, or other.

    It has come to my attention that you are about to enter some dangerous territory regarding JavaScript frameworks and stuff and I would therefore point you towards a little thing called "The State Of JS 20xx".

    It can be found here https://stateofjs.com/ and is a yearly survey where JS developers talk about what they actually use. I would advice you that, rather than getting your worldview from Medium articles or people complaining about JS frameworks, you go see what JS devs actually have to say about the matter.

    Yours truly, a person who likes JS
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    @inaba fancy page without much real content. Did you make it?
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    I don't really like JS, but in modern days you can't get around it.
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    @sunfishcc There's plenty of content tho?
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    @inaba when you click one of the year, it takes you to no where🤦‍♂️
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    @sunfishcc I think there's something wrong on your end. They take you here

    * https://2017.stateofjs.com/

    * http://2016.stateofjs.com/
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    @inaba tell me what do you think about this pie?
    It’s like when you compare chicken and beef, but got result for chicken and potatoes... if you get what I mean
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    @sunfishcc It's got fuck all to do with comparing stuff. The actual analogy would be a survery of people asked weather or not they like chicken, beef, potatoes. Then measuring up how many from each category also liked stuff from another category.

    Like for instance 13162 people have answered that they like ES6 and React.

    "The size of each section corresponds to the number of respondents who have used each library and would be willing to use it again. "
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    @inaba The point is no matter you pick chicken or beef, potato is most likely be served anyway. ES6 is a standard, it doesn't matter rather you like it or not. Put ES6 and another framework in the same pie just don't make sense. TypeScript is also endorsed by Angular, so Angular developers will use it anyway.
    Basically, the design of the survey is flawed.

    BTW from statistics, a pie graph provides very little information in general, and should not be used if the percentage doesn't sum to 1. Use line to connect multiple chooses just look like a mess
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    @sunfishcc Dude I have no fucking idea what you're arguing. That graph is the fucking survey it's a graph of ALL the answers and how the people who answered them answered each question in relation to each other.

    To spoon fucking feed you some more. You see the picture that's included? They are links (which are things you can click on!) and they take you to the questions. They also exist in the 2016 version and in the 2018 version (which you can find here https://2018.stateofjs.com/ and if you can't figure out how to click the button, go here https://2018.stateofjs.com/introduc...).

    TL;DR: Stop thinking that one chart is the entire fucking survey.
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