This is my first startup. Well, kinda.

This tool suggests you when it’s better to post on Instagram and it also allows you to pick some hashtags. You can copy them just one tap away!

It doesn’t store your data. It has no backend, so your privacy is cared about :D

It’s better when installed as PWA!

Built in just one day. Producthunt and all the other good stuff is upcoming.


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    congratulations! 👍 looks nice!
    What i like is that gradient from orange to white in the graph. From a usuability standpoint the time graph needs some more explanation and details like hourly time numbers and a peak post time.
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    @heyheni yep, definitely but I don’t know how to make it look great
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    @heyheni appreciate your detailed feedback tho!
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    hmm maybe a soundwave graph could maybe better suited. idk...
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    How can it suggest when is the best time to post if it does not know my audience?
    Can't give me good hashtags either if it does not know my audience.

    Without knowing my audience it will expose me to People that is not relevant to me at all.

    Audience audience audience
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    What a cool idea.
    I could really use it. I struggle with what time to post. Also, maybe filter it with best time for audience in a particular county.

    Hey, I did find this overlapping text a bit annoying in the layout. Have a look.

    Great work. Thanks for sharing!!
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    @mundo03 you’ve seen the app? You can customise hashtags’ categories
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    @mundo03 I’m also concerned about privacy, and if there could be an app with non-zero efficiency (and its efficient, I used to use that data back then and it works) which also has absolute privacy of not storing your data at all, this should be Rhittm.
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    @uyouthe and all categories are in english.
    This can help to get you views, but meaningless views only.

    If you are a small biz in colombia, this won't help.

    But, this is great if you want to get more people to see pics of your food, cats or your fitness routine.
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    @mundo03 yep of course. I'm planning to implement presets so you can insert hashtags for future one-tap recall
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    @0and1 I fixed this :D
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