You know when you are in some deep shit debugging when you forget that you had a beer beside you not touched for two hours, didn't fix the big. Drank the beer though

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    The hot beer still had a better feel about it than not being able to fix the bug
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    Also, related to your name, I've done a lot of ronmon in my day. At my last job the network guy accidentally fat fingered a new password to a few hundred client ASAs. I only had to do ~30
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    @steaksauce ouch that sucks, one guy I knew accidentaly did the same, fortunately I didn't have to fix his mistake
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    Do u drink and code regularly?
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    @devJoe as a student, yes
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    You measure your alcohol and stay focused? @0x2142
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    @devJoe not often, just ends up getting to drunk to focus at times, so alcohol is not really a secure method for more focus.
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