You know whats fun? When you're in the midst of writing one of the most complex queries you've ever written, and your computer decides to shit out and delete the f*$cking file. Yep, its gone. I don't know where Windows sent this file, but its nowhere that I am able to find. Thankfully, I pushed up to GH a little while ago, but I have to rewrite two hours worth of code to get it back to where it is now. The moral of this story is save more often.

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    What tool were you using to write the query? VSC would have had a copy, or even Notepad++. One of the things I like about those tools is that I can close them without thinking and not lose anything I was working on, and I didn't save.
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    I actually made a post it note and posted it on my monitor right after it happened. Then I cried a little.
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    Got a pcie Intel SSD that will disappear when coming out of standby. Not sure why... I am used to using standby
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    @iAmNaN I was using VSc, but I checked in the obvious places for old copies and it wasn't anywhere. I'm honestly at a loss for words on this one. Thankfully all the other files were fine, but this single .js file was void of being anywhere. I'm doing a clean up of my PC now. Its been chugging, and I think its crying out for help.
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    @jespersh I'll take a look into that. I have a EVO 850 in here now, and its pretty quick. Lately between working a full load and doing a full load of classes, my PC has been neglected.
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    Had this happen on Windows last week as well. :(
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    @M1sf3t haha and they say video games are a waste of time
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    @filthyranter I learned my lesson from this. Today I’ve been saving every time I type a letter 😂
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    With older versions of Visual Studio, you could create a project, create files, and *save* the files, but the whole project would go in a temp folder and disappear unless you explicitly saved the project.

    There was a hidden setting you could change. Yes, a setting to say, "When I save a file, it implies an intent to keep it."

    It didn't err on the side of caution. By default it erred on the side of assuming that you didn't want to keep files you saved.

    Every time I got a new computer and re-installed Visual Studio I would lose hours of work by forgetting to change the default please-delete-all-my-work setting.
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