Fundamental knowledge really allows you to see patterns behind common solutions and changing them if needed.

Fundamentals are the thing to step up from tutorials to creating your own software architecture and being able to implement anything, from micro controllers and low level performance algorithms to cloud stateless apps.

Even though universities provide you that knowledge, it’s not secret and you can pretty much educate yourself and be just as good if not better because of more modern technology available right from the start.

(I have a cs degree tho)

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    While you *can* get the same knowledge without going to a university, it is a far harder path, not suitable for most people. Because when we start off in a new environment, we don't even know what we don't know, and having a more experienced person/group teaching us the basics (or at least showing us the way) makes everything so much easier.
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    @endor this exactly. Universities provide mentoring, study materials and a certain learning guideline to follow. Although you can find this all in the field if you look hard enough, nothing beats the ol' classroom on certain aspects
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