My doctor said I open up, what better place to do it.

I've had it with this place. Gave my life and soul for a company and a man who deserves none. Worked on cheap salary thinking naively I will be taken care of later. Worked after-hours, nights, and weekends. Haven't taken more than 2 days of vacation in 2 fucking years. Worked on 10+ web application projects, took care of in-house servers, made documents for user training, coordinated meetings with clients.

I was PROMISED I would get sponsorship (H1B), but alas I was wrong, I was a total noob. Boss says the company isn't making money, and somehow it's my fault they couldn't get lucrative projects. I was assigned to 2 new projects and had to quickly fix it, which I did because our co-worker was going away for active duty. I only found out I wasn't getting sponsored when I asked about the status update last week! So, they strung me along until I was not as important to them because the pending work has been completed.

All this has led to piss poor mental and physical health, the doctor suggested I take pills or do talk therapy. I have to find another job in 15 days with sponsoring which is next to impossible. I'm not even 40% of the person I was before. I have the debt to pay, family to take care of, and just entered a relationship. I have already applied to 100+ jobs within the last 1 week with no response after I mentioned sponsorship, of course!

Also, the funniest thing is that my boss says he likes me personally, but my discipline is bad because I worked from home once, when I had a flat tire, and because I came late to an office once by 5 minutes which I apologized instantly. After I confronted him with the sponsor status, this guy says to look for other jobs and will give me a recommendation! what the fuck?! I don't need a recommendation form a piss poor lying leader who is pussy when things get difficult and cries about it. Also, If my discipline is bad why would you recommend me, isn't a recommendation a reflection of you and your statement? He is just trying to cover his tracks.

My advice is this, don't drain your mental and physical health for a company because they will never take care of you, because you are replaceable! I've lost the battle, I dislike coding now, will have to move back to my country, break up with my girlfriend and be circled around by jerk extended family members being labeled as a failure, when ironically I have the highest merit in the education of any in my extended family circle.

Additionally, I'm not going to bother going to school again to maintain my status.

I apologize for the rant and possible grammatical errors. I only wanted to write this because I don't want people to suffer as I did. There are many hardworking people who just want to be better and contribute to society, I just wanted to be a part of one.

If you read till the end, I appreciate your time.
*Also, they just hired a guy for 100K+. I know they are trying to force me out, just saying*

A frustrated dev

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    shit boss, fuck him. I hope it will get better, and you find a sponser, and then you get the h1b!
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    What a crappy experience! Please do take care of yourself, and don't let that experience take your self-esteem down. Just because they treated you like shit, does not mean you are shit. In fact it's often the people who try to be decent human beings who are taken advantage of. I'm sending a hug your way. Hang in there!
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    First of all I won't try to tell you that it's okay because to you it probably isn't and that's why you're rightfully angry but you have to separate a cunt boss from a good field to work and make money in.

    Don't hate coding, don't stop your education and don't ruin your life just because of this, just take a long long break to relax if possible to just get the hate out of your mind.

    I don't know if it'll help out but something similar happened to me but I was lucky enough to have only worked in that shit company for only two weeks before I left, they pressured me to work more than 13 consecutive hours each day without a single extra over hour wage which was just fucking hell to me because of the peer pressure (I was always told to be 'like' the guy who worked from his laptop on the subway and in weekends) and it made me not only hate the company and its people but also myself, coding and anything tech.

    Life goes onand you are more important than they shitty company
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    I was pulled into the bosses office once. Was told to prepare for life changing money because the deal was done, the company was sold. Said, let's take a year off and regroup. Fast forward several months. I see new cars in the parking lot. Oh shit son, we are getting paid. But I am not seeing anything. Deal is done. Nothing. Boss gets 80 million dollars, which he deserves. Does not owe anyone shit in my opinion, until he starts telling people, "I owe you shit". Fast forward to today. Never got a dime. Those new cars in the parking lot were leases that got taken back with a quickness for perceived disloyalty. Folks sold their existing cars to take this "gift" from the boss and ended up car-less when yanked. In the end, I don't give a fuck. That was my brush with almost being rich. The boss, all things considered was a good dude. He gave me 30k one time as a retroactive raise. If he had never told me I was about to be rich and then reneged, i'd have nothing but good to say.
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    Sorry you had that experience!
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