What the fuck is the deal with Windows changing my keyboard layout randomly?!

For context: I am trying to learn Dvorak, but I still have to type Qwertz because I don’t have the time to commit to Dvorak completely (a lot of written homework and a term paper that’s coming up). That said, I have enabled both Dvorak and Qwertz in my windows settings.

Back to the ranting:
Through some black magic and without me pressing ANY key combo, Windows, being the cock-sucking retard that it is, sometimes decides to switch my damned keyboard layout on me! The result is gibberish like hinshidbu hobgyouhveji iope gbjl. FUCK YOU.
Imagine typing something in Vim and while you’re minding your business in normal mode, suddenly your editor goes full berserk mode and slaughters your text.

PLEASE BURN TO DEATH, you atrocious, heinous, dick-cheese-eating, cum-and-piss-slurping piece of cockroach shit!

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    The key combination is Ctrl + Shift or Alt + Shift btw
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    @SanitizedOutput I know, but I was nowhere near these keys. It happens mid-typing.
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    Me but with QWERTY and QWERTZ. Quite annoying, but I guess it's worse with DVORAK
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    Windows goes as far as adding layouts you don't need .....I can't remove them since the control panel entry for it no longer exist . Also customs layout are no longer supported and this is painful for me.
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    Well, I'm getting a little bit afraid of technology.
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    Also, the song I was listening just now had the "keyboard" word.
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