Finally managed to use Emacs as my development environment for the esp32 board! It's awesome! I'm using the PlatformIO extension for Emacs called "platformio-mode". I can build and upload from a command, it's better than Arduino IDE. I feel like a hacker using old-school technology, this is great.
Also, I don't like Visual Studio Code, it makes me feel like the rest of the developers (no offense), I want my own style.
Also, I managed to connect my esp32 to AWS IoT platform and I'm very happy! But some publishes fail constantly, that's a real problem. Anyway, I feel good.

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    Emacs extra: No error here, they said.
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    @iamavalos not to start a war here but have you tried neovim yet? someone mentioned it having similar capabilities but also said spacemacs was really the best if both worlds.
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    @M1sf3t Sounds great, I will try it, but I've always been a fan of Emacs.
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    @iamavalos vim and emacs are both great editors. Congrats on making the switch! I wouldn’t call emacs old school. It stood the test of time because it’s just well thought out, elegant, feature rich in ways that modern ides will never be, fast, and powerful. I’m a vim guy, much for the same reasons listed above but they are both stellar editors.
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    Man the only old school thing about Emacs or Vim is their age. Both editors are light years ahead of what we currently have as text editors.

    Except for notepad. Nothing will ever be better than notepad.

    All jokes aside, don't be scared of digging into emacs lisp to extend the editor's capabilities :) its what started me into Lisp languages, you are gonna love it!
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    @AleCx04 I was taking an Emacs Lisp tutorial from GNU. The philosophy of the Lisp language is really good, and Emacs Lisp is something that is worth learning! Absolutely!
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    @iamavalos pff, I'll be doing good to just get the jsx plugin I downloaded to work with neo. We're not going to talk about how long it took to figure out how to set the init.vim file with key remaps 🙉
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